Address 203 Noboribetsu Onsen-cho Noboribetsu-shi Parking lot(Free of charge) 150 cars
Phone number Overseas +81-143-84-2255 Total number of the guest rooms 248 rooms
Domestic 0143-84-2255
MAP Code 603 287 612 Maximum accommodation 1,150 people

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Access by car through Expressway

Get off at the Noboribetsu Higashi IC on Hokkaido Expwy.
Make a left turn at the gate and follow the Route 286 for Noboribetsu Onsen (25 min.).
You will find Sekisui-Tei on your right.

Click here for toll information
if you take another IC.

Access by car through National road

Take Route 36.
Head for Noboribetsu Railway Station when you enter the city of Noboribetsu.
Take Route 286 at the station and go forward for a while.
You will find Sekisui-Tei on your right.


Access by JR Train

Limited Express, "Super Hokuto", "Hokuto", or "Suzuran" are available.
  Approx. 1 hr 10 min. trip but slightly different depend on express trains above.

Local train "Rapid Airport"
Example : From Sapporo to Noboribetsu
  Taking "Rapid Airport" and get off at Minami-Chitose Station→Change to a local train bound for Tomakomai Station, then get off at Tomakomai Station. →Change to another local train bound for Higashi-Muroran
  get off at Noboribetsu Station.
  Approx. 2 hrs.


Access by Long-Distance Bus

From Sapporo Station, the New Chitose Airport
Please use our free shuttle bus for your convenience.
Click here for details

If the depature time doesn't match with your schedule, from Sapporo Railway Station or the New Chitose Airport bound for Noboribetsu Railway Station, take
"Kosoku Onsen Go"
 Sapporo→Expwy.→Noboribetsu Onsen (Get off at "Park Hotel-Mae"bus stop)  Approx. 1 hr 40 min.
"Kosoku Hakucho-Go"
 Sapporo→Noboribetsu Railway Station nearby→Muroran Approx. 1 hr 37 min.
"Kosoku Hayabusa-Go"
 The New Chitose Airport→Expwy.→Noboribetsu Railway Station nearby Approx. 1 hr 2 min.
 "Hayabusa-Go"connecting to our free shuttle bus is also available!
 Please refer to the information on the same page.
"Kosoku Noboribetsu Onse Airport-Go"
 The New Chitose Airport-Expwy.-Ashiyu-Iriguchi・Ashiyu-Iriguchi
 Approx. 1 hr 13 min.

For other bus routes info.,please refer to the web page of Do-Nan Bus.

Shuttle Bus

Method for reserving shuttle bus seats

For your comfort and convenience, please take advantage of the pick-up/drop-off bus service.
For customers who wish to take the shuttle bus, please order online.
Booking Application for Shuttle bus service

※Due to the limited number of seats on the bus, we do not allow use for groups of 8 or more people.
※Reservations will no longer be accepted once seating becomes full, so please reserve as early as possible. 

The charge for a shuttle bus

●Sapporo Station

●the Airport
 For our guest 500 JPY ( 463 JPY net of tax) / per person one way

 ※It will be charge 500 JPY (one way) per person for the guest to use shuttle bus from and to Chitose Airport from 1 July.
 ※We will ask you the payment at the front desk on that day.Thank you for your understanding.

Shuttle Bus Timetable(Sapporo Station)

Picking Up
Dpt. Sapporo Station North Entrance Arv. Noboribetsu Sekisui-Tei
14:00 16:00
Dpt. Noboribetsu Sekisui-Tei Arv. Sapporo Station North Entrance
10:00 12:00

Meeting-Place(Sapporo Station)


The meeting place is "Kane no hiroba"「鐘の広場」 of JR Sapporo Station North Exit at 13:30.
Please let our staff have your name and receive a tag with your seat number.

Passengers will be accompanied by our staff to the departing area when it's time for boarding. Approx. 2 hr trip. Please note arriving time cannot be committed due to the trafic condition.

Shuttle Bus Timetable(the Airport)

Picking Up
  Dpt. the Airport Arv. Noboribetsu Sekisui-Tei
First Shuttle 14:30 15:30
Second Shuttle 17:00 18:00
  Dpt. Noboribetsu Sekisui-Tei Arv. The Airport
First Shuttle 10:00 11:00

Meeting-Place(the Airport)

Domestic Flight Tour Desk; Amusement Hokkaido Service counter between
JAL Arrival Gate A and B, ground floor of the New Chitose Airport. Find the sign of Bus bound
for Noguchi-Kanko Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu.