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Noboribetsu Onsen. Nationwide-known, excellent hot spring,
Noboribetsu Sekisui-Tei is located closed to 15min. away on foot from the symbolic Jikoku-Dani Ohyu-Numa, and Okuno-Yu.
Enjoy touring of bathing at the big baths in Kobushi-Kan and Icho-Kan with pure onsen spring poured from Okuno-Yu.

Address 203 Noboribetsu Onsen Machi, Noboribetsu-Shi, Hokkaido, Japan Parking Lot Capasity of 150 cars (Free of charge)
Phone number 81-143-84-2255 Number of Rooms 248
FAX number 81-143-84-2269 Sleeping accommodation 1,150
Check-in / Check-out 14:30/10:00 MAP Code 603 287 612


Luxurious and spacious Lobby space displayed with Dignified granites and relaxed texture of carpet.
Refreshing atmosphere by splash sound from water falls. Total 28m Glass panels are self-operated.


Internet is opened to our guests at the lobby.
Please feel free to use for your convenience.
FREE SPOT for Wireless LAN is ready to connect, free of charge.
Click here for the FREE SPOT in detail

Charge 100 JPY( 93 JPY net of tax ) per 10 min. (Circuit B Flets)
※Hours unavailable 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM

Banquet Hall ( Sekisui-Room)

Splendid 280-mats big banquet hall with the full taste of Japan for your precious occasion. Various types of banquet hall are ready for your purpose.

Kobushi-Kan 2nd Floor 280 mats ( 120/80/80 plus Stage)
144 mats ( 90/54)
20 mats ( 4 rooms)
Kobushi-Kan B1F 160 mats ( 60 mats plus Stage/50/50)


Vending Machines

Alchol beverages, soft drinks are available at regular price.

Number of machines
Items Price
PET bottled soft drink 500ml 160 JPY( 149 JPY net of tax )/ bottle
Canned soft drink 130 JPY( 121 JPY net of tax ) / can
Canned Beer 350ml 240 JPY( 223 JPY net of tax ) /can
Canned Beer 500ml 310 JPY( 288 JPY net of tax ) / can
Shochu mixed with soda water 170 JPY( 158 JPY net of tax ) / can