Enjoy dining with all our heart surrounded by decorous atmosphere.
We, Sekisui-Tei, prepare 2 dining rooms and hope you smack your lips!

Dining Room KURA  

Serves Kaiseki Dishes with the taste of each season. The exclusive menu is limited for 11 parties per day.

Enjoy our original cuisine using Hokkaido-grown food. in a quiet atmosphere reminds you a hiding place.
Private rooms with table setting and sunken kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer) are available.
Interior is designed with luxurious and purely Japanese stlyle.


KURA (A menu example)

Aperitif Blessing of Herbs
Appetizer Grilled Sesami Tofu potted apple Chinese matrimony vine
Hors d' oeuvre Salted herring Rakuyo Mushrooms with grated radish Sweet potato scooped in shape of ginkgo leaf
      Grace of village style jelly Boiled Tsubu shellfish from Matsumae area
      Grilled salmon in Western style
Bowl Dish Soup with taro dumpling Shredded Shiitake Mushrooms Carrot Mitsuba
Sashimi (Sliced Raw Fish) Tuna Pacific Saury Tsubu shellfish
Matsukawa Flounder Botan shrimp Set of thin stripped Radish and Sprout
Kae-Zara (First) Broiled Hokki shellfish Broccoli
Potato with melted butter
Cooked Dish Hokkaido grown beef Sukiyaki style Garnish vegetable
Shiraoi Mother's brand Egg
Shinogi Green Tea on Grilled Rice ball 5 colored Rice Biscuits Mitsuba
Kae-Zara (Second) Boiled Hair Crab Half size Lemon wedges
Rice Bowl of Rice with Matsutake Mushrooms or Plain Rice
Soup Miso Soup with Nameko Mushrooms
Pickles Assorted Pickled vefetables
Dessert Apple Tart Grapes Baked Pumpkin Pudding

※Please note that menu may be replaced with other food depends on the stock conditions.

Dining Room SAKURA BOU  


Hors d' oeuvre and light meal will be served in advance. Take your favorites, crabs and sushi from buffet.

Enjoy the Hokkaido's taste such as Crabs and Sushi with Buffet style.
Sashimi, Hors d' oeuvre and Broiled dish will be ready to your table.
Relax with the view of small garden and a Sunken Kotatsu in a compartment while you enjoy the meal.
Tempura will be cooked to order for your delight.
※Photo Images. Please note that the menu may be altered depend on the condition of food stock or in seasons.


Dining Menu for Dinner

Table Service

Aperitif・Hors d' oeuvre plate in season

Open Kitchen

Cooked to serve Tempura

Dining (Buffet)

Cooked Bamboo Shoot, Sushi, Snow Crabs, Tsubu Shellfishm, Dessert in season, etc.

※Please note that the menu may be altered depend on the condition of food stock or in seasons.
※Dinner is served in Half-dining syle in "Sakura-Bou" Dining Room, and Breakfast is available in Dining style (Buffet).
※Limited offer for 21 parties per day.

Buffet   Enjoy the fresh and variety of our Japanese, Chinese, and Western style food.

We emphasize on serving Local food with freshness!!
Enjoy our Japanese, Chinese, and Western style food with plenty of vegetable fresh from our Kita-Yuzawa Farm. Have fun with the Cooking Demonstration  Tempura.



Sushi Counter

Salmon, Shrimp, Squid, Conger, Sushi Rolls, etc.
※Sushi topping may vary due to the catch or season.

Cooking Demonstration Counter

Serving cooked to order Tempura

※Approx. 40 varieties of food are served in Japanese, Chinese, and Western styles.