To provide a best accommodation for our each guest,
various types of rooms, especially with Japanese tastes, are available.
Enjoy the relaxing time while you stay and recover from fatigue in our spacious facilities.

Japanese-Western Style Room

The spacious rooms with 10 Tatami mats plus twin sized bed are prepared
in Kobushi-Kan on 3rd to 7th floors.

Example of Japanese-Western Style Room



Japanese Style Room

The rooms are prepared in either Icho-Kan, Sakura-Kan, or Kobushi-Kan.
Enjoy and relax with the scent of Tatami (Rush)

Example of Japanese Style Room with 21 Tatami mats

Example of Japanese Style Room with 10 Tatami mats


Western Style Room

The rooms are prepared in either Icho-Kan or Sakura-Kan

Example of Western Style room with Twin sized bed

Example of Western Style room with Double sized bed


Relaxation Room

Special rooms with massage chairs are available in Icho-Kan (Smoking Free, Japanese-Western style).
Enjoy your stay relax with neatness atmosphere.

Smoking-Free Room

Smoking-Free Rooms are available upon your request. (6 Jpn style rooms, and 28 Jpn Wst style rooms)
Please ask the availability when you make your reservation.

Example of Japanese Style Room (Non-Smk)

Example of Japanese-Western Style Room (Non-Smk)


※Please note Smoking Free Rooms may be replaced with regular rooms with deodorization depend on the reservation condition.

About Japanese-Western Style Room

The room gives you both peace mind of Japanese style and functional design of Western style atmosphere.
Max 6 guests capacity. The spacious rooms allows you set Futon or laying down on the bed.

  Width Length
Jpn style room (10 tatamis) 300cm 420cm
Wst style room 400cm 430cm

● Equipped w/ modular bath● Closet
● Towels, Yukata, Slippers, Tooth brush
  Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner
● Sewing Kit, Glasses, Refrigerator (cold drink), TV, Safety box, Bottle opener


Guest Room


  • 32" Degital TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Telephone
  • Fully air-conditioning (temp. adjst not available)
    Electric fans are prepared for all rooms in Summer
  • Bathtub
  • Bidet toilet (except Japanese style room w/ 21 Tatami mats)
Types of guest room Number of room
10 mats size plus twin sized bed room 106
Twin sized bed room 8
Double sized bed room 8
Japanese Style room w/ 10 Tatami mats 97
Japanese Style room w/ 8 Tatami mats 4
Japanese Style room w/ 12.5 Tatami mats 15
Japanese Style room w/ 21 Tatami mats 5
Japanese Style room w/ 15 Tatami mats 2
Special Room 3
Total 248
Number of Sleeping accommodation 1,150