Enjoy our Big Aerial View Bath with panoramic view of the nature in Noboribetsu.
At night, relax with the view of skyful of stars at our Big Open Air Bath.
We hope you enjoy our famous "Onsen" as much as you desire during your stay.


Kobushi-Kan 8th Floor Big Aerial View Bath

With a full of sunny light, enjoy the panoramic view of the nature of Noboribetsu from season to season,
and relax at our Aerial View Bath.

【Big Bath(Summer)】
Bathing with the fresh green view gives you a relaxed accommodation.


【Big Bath(Red leaves of autumn)】
Enjoy the hot spring with the beautiful panoramic view.


■Open 24 hours (6:00 to 24:00 for Sauna)
※ Cleaning may be scheduled around midnight

Icho-Kan 7th Floor Open Air Bath

Exciting view of Moutains from the highest story through the windows at the Open Air Bath at Icho-Kan 7th Floor.
Enjoy the 2 types of bath tubs; made of cypress and Shigaraki-Yaki (earthenware)

Open Air Bath

【Open Air Bath】


【Open Air Bath】


■Open 24 hours ※Cleaning may be scheduled around midnight

Reserved Bath

Our Reserved Bath with the plenty of natural sulfur spring of Noboribetsu is recommended for couples and families.
Relax in our Resting room with beautiful, modern and luxurious design.

Enjoy TV program with leather-covered sofa. (Only one room with a cypress bath tub / Japanese style is available.)

Bathing with your partner・・・

Exclusive bathing time with natural hot sring for your family !

Charge 3,240 JPY( 3,000 JPY net of tax )/ 50min. per room
Open hour 15:00~23:00



Saunas are available at the Big baths located both Kobushi-Kan 8th Floor and Icho-Kan 7th Floor.

■Open hour for Sauna 6:00 to 24:00


Tips for Onsen (Hot Spring)

What is Onsen (Hot Spring) ?

By definition, Onsen (Hot Spring) is a spring contains chemical ingredients gushes out from underground.
Why Bathing in Onsen is known as good act for health?

Why Onsen is good for health ?
Change of Air Effect
By isolating from daily life, changes of surroundings give well-adjustment mentally and phisically.
Onsen Effect given by forests and mountains
Phytoncide (substance emitted from trees) acts for relaxation and can expect anion effect.
Onsen Effect
Buoyancy reduces Body weight in one tenth. Less load gives body relaxation from daily life.
Hydrostatic Pressure
A human body gets shrinked in a few centimeter by Hydrostatic Pressure. This massage effect improves the blood circulaton and removes swelling and fatigue.
Thermal Effect
Thermal effect contributes to better blood circulation, accelerating body metabolism and discharging wastes.


Onsen Effect acts both mentally and physically.
Especially natural sulfur spring of Noboribetsu is known as the following characteristics and effects.

Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur Spring)
Odor of hydrogen sulfide gas is peculiar. Acting effect of blood vessel expansion(※Irritant smell)
【Effective to】 High blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis, Chronic skin disease, Arthralgia, Chronic women's diseases, etc.

History of Noboribetsu Onsen

The origin of the word, "Noboribetsu" is studied as Ainu's word, "Nupu Ruppe" means "Cloudy river" or "Thick colored river"
According to the book, "Ezo-Soshi" (Tokunai Mogami: author) written approx. 210 years ago, describes the existense; "Spring water gushed out and flowed into a river. Couldn't see the bottom by muddiness..."
At the end of Edo era, Hanbei Okada, mining worker at Jigoku-Dani, built a first public onsen bath in Noboribetsu. After that, Kinzo Takimoto built a Japanese-style hotel and road constructions by his own expense; prepared as the Onsen Resort.
At the end of Meiji era, Noboribetsu was assigned as a designated health resort for sick and wounded soldiers from Russo-Japanese War; known to public nationwide.


Ohyu-Numa is a volcanic crater located at the south of Mt. Hiyori, an active volcano, located in nothern area of Jigoku-Dani. The color of the spring is black and dark gray. The volcanic crater lake is unique and academically precious.

Temperature Surface 40 to 50 degree in Celsius, 13 at the bottom
Perimeter 1 Km
Depth 22 m

Type, Effect, and Spring PH

Type Sulfur Spring (Weak acid, Hypotonic, High temperature spring)
Effective to High blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis, Diabetes, Chronic skin disease
Spring Temperature 68.6℃
ph 3.5
  Water added Heating Circulation Discharging Chlorinated
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Icho-Kan 7th Floor Big Aerial View Bath × ×
Icho-Kan 7th Floor Big Open Air Bath × × ×

One-day Bathing

Open hours 11:00~18:00(Facilities close at 19:00)
Charges  Adult : 800 JPY ( 741 JPY net of tax)
 School children : 400 JPY ( 370 JPY net of tax )
 Infant : Free of charge
Rental towels: 200 JPY( 186 JPY net of tax )